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Baranda lakes, abundant in fish (carp, grass carp, silver carp, zander, catfish) are a perfect place for fish lovers. It is a favourite place of the fishermen from the nearby cities and also from the inland of Serbia.  Plentiful catch, relaxation and nature enjoyment   are guaranteed.

Lake bank is cultivated especially for the fishermen in order to be protected from rain, wind and sun. Attractive bank with straw sunshades is a perfect background for true fishermen and everyone who feels that way.

There are boats available to those who want to try their luck onthe lake surface.Besides the recreational fishing, we also organize sport fishing competitions.

Fishing licenses:

  • Daily license 500, 00 RSD
  • Daily license (from 13:00h) 300, 00 RSD
  • Group license 400, 00 RSD (per group member)
  • Daily catch amount  allowed 3 kg

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This area is the habitat of various game.
Within the area of 1313 ha, passionate hunters can try hunting: roe deer, foxes, rabbits, wild boars, pheasants, grey partridges, turtle doves, quails, mallards…

Temporary and permanent closed season for the   following game hunting:

a) Protected species:

-otter, stoat, skunk, weasel

b) Small game:

1)furry game:

– jackal, fox, wildcat, stone marten, yellow- throated marten, badger, rabbit, fat dormouse, muskrat, squirrel, raccoon dog, river rat (nutria).

2) game birds:
– eurasian teal,  green wing teal, eurasianwigeon, garganey, grebe, white-fronted goose, pink-footed goose,common pochard, eurasian woodcock, common wood pigeon, collared dove, turtle dove, quail, grey partridge, common pheasant, common coot, eurasian jay, common moorhen, rook, white-breasted cormorant, nortern goshawk, grey heron.